The following is a helpful guideline listing some items the City of Bel-Ridge will be checking for during your Code Compliance Inspection.  Please be aware this list is “NOT” inclusive of all items inspected. It is preferable for the inspection to take place when the house or apartment is empty. If circumstances are present that this is not possible, then please have the furniture moved away from the walls.

  1. All walls and ceiling shall be painted, if needed
  2. Carpets shall be free from dirt and stain
  3. All junk and debris shall be removed from the property (interior and exterior).
  4. The bathroom shall contain GFI outlets; all fixtures shall be in working order, contain at least one operable window or mechanical vent and be in clean fashion.
  5. The kitchen shall contain GFI outlets if located within six (6) feet of water, fixtures shall be in working condition and the entire kitchen shall be clean.
  6. Smoke detectors shall be located on each floor bedroom, with carbon monoxide detectors located downstairs and upstairs.
  7. All receptacles shall be closed with appropriate covers.
  8. All electric wiring in the basement shall be in conduit or through the floor joist.
  9. Laundry area shall contain GFI outlets if located within six (6) feet of water.
  10. All driveways shall be concrete or asphalt, and in good repair.
  11. Address numbers displayed properly.
  12. All overgrowth and weeds shall be removed.
  13. All windows and screens shall be in good repair.
  14. Exterior soffits, eaves, fascia board, siding and all outbuildings shall be in good repair and scraped and painted as needed.
  15. Exterior porches and steps shall be in good repair.  If more than four steps, a handrail is required.
  16. Basement steps handrail must be enclosed or have spindles, no longer opening than six (6) inches.

This is simply a helpful checklist of the more common problems found during an occupancy inspection.  If you have questions regarding your electrical service, plumbing system or your heating and cooling system, then the Village recommends you contact a professional contractor licensed with St. Louis County.

The City performs a “minimum” housing inspection using local, county, village ordinances and BOCA Code.  The City is not and cannot be liable for any deficiencies that may be disclosed after the Village inspection of the premises.

Thank you for your cooperation and if you have any questions; please feel free to contact the City Hall.

For any Permits or Licenses you may require, check under the City Hall Tab.