The Crisis Intervention Team

The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) of the Bel-Ridge Police Department program is used for community policing that brings together law enforcement, mental health providers, hospital emergency departments and individuals with mental illness and their families to improve responses to people in crisis. CIT programs enhance communication, identify mental health resources for assisting people in crisis and ensure that officers get the training and support that they need.

Certified CIT Officers of the Bel-Ridge Police Department undergo 40 hours of CIT training at the St. Louis Municipal and County Police Academy.

If you or someone you know needs help or assistance with mental health issues, please contact our CIT Coordinator, Click Here.

There are support groups and local groups who help those who suffer from a mental illness. No one should feel hopeless or alone, NAMI or North American Alliance on Mental Illness has groups and centers located in the St. Louis area to help people in need.