The City of Bel-Ridge Police Department Organization is comprised of three divisions: the Division of Patrol Operations, the Detective Bureau, and the records division.  Currently, the department has 16 full-time police officers and 4 part-time police officers. Each shift has a supervisor and the department has a full-time detective bureau, and code enforcement officer.
Non- Emergency 636-529-8210
Emergency 911

Command Staff
Chief Mark Harris (email
Lieutenant Colonel Jamal Fisher (email
Lieutenant William Martin (email

The Division of Patrol Operations is comprised of 4 shifts, each shift supervised by a Sergeant. The shift Sergeant reports to the Patrol Commander.  The Division of Patrol Operations is responsible for:

  • Providing 24 hour uniformed patrol services for the City of Bel-Ridge
  • Arrest, Booking and Transport of prisoners
  • Specialized enforcement to include DWI, Drug and Code
  • Community Relations & Events

The Detective Bureau is comprised of 1 detective, 1 detective/sergeant.  The Detective Bureau is responsible for:

  • Criminal & Internal Investigations
  • Inter-agency Communication
  • External Criminal Investigations
  • Crime Scene Investigations
  • Crime Scene Processing
  • Evidence Handling and Tracking
  • Criminal Investigation Follow-up

Police/Prosecuting Clerk
Jacqueline Jones

For record services, the police clerk is stationed in the City Hall. For Sunshine requests, accident reports or any other police records, contact 314-429-2030 or Email us on the citizen request center page.